Mood Board for 06/06/2018 | Kindness


Pineapple Chicken

Today, I had a Saturday to myself, and I was feeling tropical. I decided to make crock pot pineapple chicken. I honestly think this was one of the most delicious meals I have made!

I found the recipe on Click here for the original recipe.

I used chicken breasts instead of thighs (because that’s what I had in my freezer), and I used teriyaki sauce instead of soy sauce. I didn’t have any chicken broth, brown sugar, honey or pineapple juice on hand. Thus, for the sauce, I mixed teriyaki sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, minced garlic, black pepper, ground ginger and sriracha. I only used one chicken breast, so the amount of sauce I had was sufficient. You could give this dish a Hawaiian and/or an Asian spin. I kind of did a mix of both. I would also recommend putting a seasoning on the chicken. I used a Famous Dave’s poultry seasoning, but I’m sure cajun would have been tasty as well. I didn’t fry the chicken in the pan first; I just put it in the crock pot.

This is something I definitely want to make again in the future! Although, I think carving the pineapple into an artsy dish in which to put the meal (as seen in the photo) was way more work than it needed to be.

Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Homemade Dinner Date

One of my favorite things to do is cook dinner with my boyfriend. It is less expensive than going out to eat, and we can sit in sweatpants and watch The Office while eating dinner from the comfort of my own apartment. This Valentine’s Day, we decided to cook dinner together so that we could skip the busy restaurants (and because I had to study for an exam that was scheduled for the next day).

Since Valentine’s Day was also Ash Wednesday, we needed to make sure that the meal was vegetarian (my boyfriend is vegetarian so it was a win-win!). We decided to a make spinach artichoke mac and cheese. I had the idea to make it when I saw a Tasty video about it the week before.

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The Best Thing I Have Ever Eaten

People who are close to me know that I love red raspberries. They know that I have to eat 2 pieces of wheat toast for breakfast with Smucker’s raspberry preserves and drink a cup of green tea (and that the Smucker’s brand and that it’s preserves are non-negotiable).

When I was a kid, my dad had planted red raspberry bushes in our backyard. I remember crying because there was one day where my sister picked all of the raspberries off the bushes, leaving none for me to harvest. My dad and I would also take raspberry jam and stir it into vanilla ice cream to make raspberry ice cream.

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like the End of the Semester

It really hasn’t yet hit me that I’m done with my last final of the semester and that I’m heading back home tomorrow for Christmas. It seems like I don’t even remember this semester since it flew by.

This fall, I made it a priority to be more appreciative. I got so much more out of everything that I did with the mindset of “I don’t have to do this; I get to do this.”

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Busy Senior Year

I would like to begin this post by apologizing for not keeping up with my blog. As the title suggests, I’ve had a busy (but fun) senior year of college thus far.

I thought it would be interesting to reflect back on my freshman year and see how my perceptions have changed. When I first came to college, I thought I was going to study at a cute coffee shop all the time. I thought I was going to wear cute clothes every day to class and break out of my shell. The latter is true–I have become more confident–but college is definitely not what I thought it would be like.

I have come to realize that college is a game, and you just need to figure out how to play it. I studied a lot my freshman year (and, who am I kidding, I still am very studious today), but I learned to prioritize. During my freshman year, it seemed as though I was constantly nervous. I didn’t like going places/attending events by myself or giving presentations. That mindset has definitely changed (for the most part). I have become more independent, and I can confidently give a presentation without practicing it 20 times.

I also didn’t realize how busy everyone would be. I have taken 18+ credit hours every semester (except for this year), but now I am trying to enjoy my last college year while still working hard. It’s weird to think I won’t see my friends every day in a few months. Although I am sad to leave college, I think I am ready for a job. I didn’t think I would be ready to leave in 4 years, but after completing my internships, I am very excited for the “real world.”