Why You Should Keep (or Start) Golfing

“Golf is the only sport where you get worse the more you practice.” – Unknown

Warm mornings. The smell of grass and dew. A gentle breeze.

When I think of golf, those are some of the thoughts that I want to pop into my mind. For others, the thought of golf could bring about feelings of frustration. I started to golf about eight years ago and golfed throughout high school. Once I graduated and started college, I took a break from golf for a couple of summers.

I made it a priority to get back into the “swing of things” this summer and golf more frequently. It really helped that my boss signed me up for a young professionals golf outing that took place last week.

I had stopped golfing for a few reasons, including frustration, feeling nervous when golfing (especially when competing) and time.

Despite those reasons, here’s why I knew I needed to get back into golf.

1. Socialization

Golf has been a sport that my family has played for years. It’s great to have a sport over which to bond and to play together. You can also meet a lot of people by golfing, by becoming involved in leagues or tournaments. My dad met some of his best friends by joining the Thursday night league at our local golf course a few years ago.

2. Business networking

In relation to my first point, golf is very prevalent in the business world. I knew that, as a marketing major, I would possibly need to golf in the future for work. That became true when I played in the outing last week with three of my coworkers. It was extremely fun to play a scramble and not worry about our scores.

3. Fun

Even though golf can be frustrating (because if I’m not slicing my drives, there is a good chance that I’m hooking my irons, and so forth…), taking out the competition aspect, for me, can make golf fun. It is great to be able to take in the scenery and appreciate the opportunity to play a sport when it’s absolutely beautiful outside. And I know people say this a lot, but you can really play golf for the rest or your life. I hope that when I’m 60 years old, my future husband and I will play in a Guys & Dolls league.

4. Determination

Golf teaches you a lot of lessons. It teaches you how to work hard but not get angry or upset when things don’t work out like you had hoped. It teaches patience (which is something I can lack at times) and problem solving when you need to figure out how to fix your swing or how to make up for a bad shot.

And, there are some really cute golf outfits 🙂




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