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Why Follow The Fake Housewife? The Fake Housewife is a lifestyle blog, and you can expect posts about recipes, new finds, music, college tips and more. This blog focuses on the positive things in life.

Why “The Fake Housewife”? No, I am not a housewife, nor am I even a wife. I came up with the name when my roommates kept calling me the “mom” and “housewife” of the apartment because I did the most cooking and cleaning. That being said, this blog is not just about recipes and the like. It’s about the experiences of a traditional college girl and what I have learned along the way.

Who is the Author? My name is Rachel, and I currently attend a small college in Ohio. I am studying marketing, management and communications. I am also a sister of Alpha Xi Delta sorority. My interests and hobbies include music, writing, cooking, golfing, learning, balancing checkbooks, exercising, organizing and graphic design.

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