Busy Senior Year

I would like to begin this post by apologizing for not keeping up with my blog. As the title suggests, I’ve had a busy (but fun) senior year of college thus far.

I thought it would be interesting to reflect back on my freshman year and see how my perceptions have changed. When I first came to college, I thought I was going to study at a cute coffee shop all the time. I thought I was going to wear cute clothes every day to class and break out of my shell. The latter is true–I have become more confident–but college is definitely not what I thought it would be like.

I have come to realize that college is a game, and you just need to figure out how to play it. I studied a lot my freshman year (and, who am I kidding, I still am very studious today), but I learned to prioritize. During my freshman year, it seemed as though I was constantly nervous. I didn’t like going places/attending events by myself or giving presentations. That mindset has definitely changed (for the most part). I have become more independent, and I can confidently give a presentation without practicing it 20 times.

I also didn’t realize how busy everyone would be. I have taken 18+ credit hours every semester (except for this year), but now I am trying to enjoy my last college year while still working hard. It’s weird to think I won’t see my friends every day in a few months. Although I am sad to leave college, I think I am ready for a job. I didn’t think I would be ready to leave in 4 years, but after completing my internships, I am very excited for the “real world.”


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