Wow. I cannot believe that this is my last year of college (at least for now).

I moved into my apartment two days ago, and I’m really excited for my final year of school to begin. Packing and moving into the apartment went better than expected, but I still feel like I had a bunch of stuff. So here are my recommendations on what and what not to bring when moving into college:

What Not To Bring

  1. High school t-shirts – I rarely wore mine because I got a lot of new university shirts, so they just took up space in my dresser.
  2. Jewelry – You don’t want to take anything valuable, and I haven’t worn half of the jewelry I brought because I usually dress casually to class.
  3. Laundry detergent pods – Liquid detergent is better because the pods can ruin clothing (or, in my case, my bed sheets). I think that liquid detergent lasts longer as well.
  4. Over-the-door organizers – These won’t work for many doors in your room because the doors will either have hooks, peepholes, or they will be the doors that slide open.
  5. Small things that you can easily buy at the store – i.e. batteries, printer cartridges, tape, etc.



What To Bring

  1. Clothespins – they work well as chip clips, and you can use them to hang pictures on yarn or string lights all over your room.
  2. Coffee or tea – it is so much cheaper and easier to make your own caffeinated beverages than to buy them.
  3. Sunscreen – you may think that you won’t need it because summer is almost over, but there may be events you go to where you are outside for hours.
  4. Clothes for different occasions – I definitely brought WAY too many clothes, but you will need some different options for interviews, class, working out, sorority, etc.
  5. A sporty bookbag rather than a cute bookbag – this may be hard to explain, but my first bookbag was super girly with flowers and a little bohemian looking…but it was way too small, didn’t hold a water bottle and was very uncomfortable to wear when walking to class. I then purchased an Adidas bookbag with a laptop sleeve and have loved it!
  6. Cleaning supplies. Like 50 containers of Lysol wipes.


I may update this as I think of more things, but here is a list of some random items that I didn’t think about when I first moved in!


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