The Best Thing I Have Ever Eaten

People who are close to me know that I love red raspberries. They know that I have to eat 2 pieces of wheat toast for breakfast with Smucker’s raspberry preserves and drink a cup of green tea (and that the Smucker’s brand and that it’s preserves are non-negotiable).

When I was a kid, my dad had planted red raspberry bushes in our backyard. I remember crying because there was one day where my sister picked all of the raspberries off the bushes, leaving none for me to harvest. My dad and I would also take raspberry jam and stir it into vanilla ice cream to make raspberry ice cream.

So, when I first visited Mitchell’s  ice cream shop in Ohio City about two years ago, I was elated when I saw they offered raspberry sorbet. I, of course, got a small scoop of it to try. I knew that it would be my favorite food when I swallowed the first bite. It tasted so real, just like red raspberries, as opposed to artificial raspberry flavorings.

Even though the outside temperatures in Ohio are currently below freezing, I still had to go to Mitchell’s to get their sorbet when my family was in Cleveland last week. I love how the sorbet is only made with raspberries, water and sugar. I don’t feel as bad about eating dessert.

This blog post is not only a recommendation to try the sorbet, but it is also to share that the sorbet is probably the best food I have ever tasted (so far!). But, what is great about this world is that there are so many different foods and flavors that we can try! Who knows–maybe there is a food I like better than raspberries, but I just haven’t tried it yet!

On that point, maybe I should try a new flavor of ice cream or sorbet when I go to Mitchell’s next time…

…in addition to purchasing the raspberry sorbet.



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