First Attempt at “Pesto”

One of my summer goals is to learn a new recipe every week and make dinner for my family. My first meal was a little spontaneous–my mom said that we had a ton of pasta that we could use up, so I had the idea to make pesto.

I had never eaten pesto before because I am allergic to nuts, and pesto usually contains pine nuts. I found online that Parmesan cheese can be substituted for pine nuts. The ingredients I used were basil, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and Parmesan.

The other obstacle into which I ran was that I do not have a food processor. I had to chop all of the basil leaves by hand, which made my pesto be less smooth and sauce-like. Nevertheless, I thought it tasted great! I added it to wheat rotini with halved grape tomatoes and mushrooms ( I was going to add chicken as well, but I forgot to do so).

I also remembered how cooking is a great to help me destress. It was my first week of my summer internship, and it was nice to take a break and cook for my family. Cooking can really bring joy to your life!



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