Lessons From My Junior Year of College

My third year of college is over. It’s weird. This will be my last real “summer” before I work a full-time job. I only have one more year of what people say are the “best four years of your life.”

I would definitely say that this semester has been very interesting. As I procrastinated studying for my last final exam, I wrote a reflection of my junior year. Here are some takeaways about what I’ve learned:

  1. College can be a game that you have to learn how to play.
  2. It’s okay for friendships to change.
  3. Holding leadership positions has made me feel more comfortable starting and holding conversations.
  4. This semester, my sorority life has been the best. I have gotten closer to some girls who have really shown me what it’s like to be a true friend.
  5. Balancing checkbooks is necessary and fun.
  6. Good PR programs require a significant amount of research.
  7. Parents are the best and do so much. I need to help them out more.
  8. Don’t let go of the people who have been there for you.
  9. You can make it through a year of college with only making Kraft mac and cheese once.
  10. Studying abroad makes you more independent.
  11. Grapefruit is great.
  12. It’s very helpful to have proper documentation.
  13. You can make one million different variations of quesadillas.
  14. People have different perspectives.
  15. Cognitive dissonance is real.
  16. I can barely go a day without drinking green tea.
  17. Professors are awesome.
  18. You should monitor your social media consumption.
  19. You’ll never regret waking up early.
  20. Sometimes friends come before homework.
  21. Studying hard can pay off.

I think what I learned the most was from one of my business classes about preparing for your future career. We learned about the “Chaos Theory” and “Butterfly Effect.” The basic premise is that your career and life does not always follow a linear path. Your experiences lead to other opportunities, and opportunities may come that you do not expect. It is important to adapt to these changes. Looking back on my college years so far, I can totally see how the Butterfly Effect is real. Who would’ve thought that by joining a sorority, I would eventually write a public relations plan for a class about my sorority’s philanthropy? If I hadn’t changed my second major to management when I did, I wouldn’t have had a class in which I met one of my best friends. And so on, and so on…

It will be interesting to see where my next, final year of college takes me.



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