London: Days 7 and 8

It was our last full day in London!

A small group of us went to see Big Ben, Parliament and West Minster. We ate lunch at a burger place in Piccadilly and bought last-minute tickets to Phantom of the Opera.

My classmate and I traveled back to Shoreditch so that we could try bubble tea and bubble waffles at Nosteagia. I wasn’t expecting a cute little food market when I put the address into Google Maps! I couldn’t eat a waffle because of my nut allergy, but I had delicious passion fruit green tea with mango bubbles. They gave you a giant straw to eat the bubbles that would pop with juice.


We then went to BrewDog Shoreditch and then I got a chicken shish kebab from a small takeaway restaurant by the hotel. Everything was yummy!

For dinner, some of us went to Chinatown and ate at a Korean restaurant. I ordered a California roll. We were confused what to do there because we didn’t understand everything that was on the menu. It was also interesting because if you wanted water, you had to pay for a bottle. It was still good though! Since we had some time before the musical started, we looked through the M&M store. It was way too touristy for my liking.

Then we saw Phantom! I was familiar with this one because I had seen the movie, and it was a musical that I had been wanting to see. It was kind of hard to see stage right from our seats, but it was, overall, a good production. I really like the music in this show.


That was our last night in London. We spend the rest of the time packing. We ventured to Heathrow in the morning. That airport kind of frightens me, I felt like I was going to get lost. I watched about three movies on the ride home. I was sad to leave London, but it was nice to be back. Oh, it was definitely the trip of a lifetime.

Stay tuned for one more post about London…



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