London: Day 6

On the sixth day of London, our small group took the tube to the South Bank area and toured Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. It was a really cool experience because we happened to be the only tour in the theatre at the time. I had read about five Shakespeare plays in high school, and I have a better appreciation for Shakespeare after touring the replica theatre.

We strolled around Borough Market, which was a really awesome market with a lot of street food. Everything smelled delicious! On our way there, we also passed a large painting of Shakespeare on a brick wall. We wanted to go to a traditional English pub, so we ate at the Anchor, which I believe might be London’s oldest pub, for lunch. I had a 1730 cask ale that was so delicious! It kind of tasted like apples. I also tried a beef and ale pot pie, which was also delicious.

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We walked along the River Thames to get to our next destination, the National Theatre. The weather that day was absolutely beautiful. The skies were clear and bright blue, and the temperature was warm. I walked along the Millennium Bridge, and I could have stayed up there for hours enjoying the weather.

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The tour of the National Theatre was very insightful. I had interned two summers at a small nonprofit theatre in my hometown, but it was tiny compared to the National Theatre. Still, I was able to make connections and get a better perspective of what a theatrical production entails. I was also excited to see that they had a CNC machine for set building because the company at which I interned last summer had one as well.


Since it was a beautiful day, two of my classmates and I decided to ride the London Eye. It was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and the sun was still bright in the sky. It was amazing how far I could see from the Ferris wheel. I will admit that I spent too much time trying to take cool pictures of Big Ben that really didn’t turn out as well as I hoped.

We took the tube to Holborn and rested our feet at a cafe for some time. We ate dinner with the full group at Hummus Bros. It was my first time trying hummus. I think I liked it! It was also the last time that we saw our tour director, Becky. She was a wonderful tour guide!

20170309_190627Our small group went to see The Play That Goes Wrong. It was hilarious. Usually I don’t like shows that remind me of The Three Stooges, but the actors were great in this show. What amazed me was how none of the actors got hurt. The show was literally about a play that went wrong. Parts of the set kept falling, and I was amazed at how the props or walls fell perfectly at the correct times.


Another great day in London!

**Just a reminder that these photos are my own. Please do not copy, download or reuse them without my permission.


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