London: Day 4

The fourth day in London was one of my favorite days.

This was the first day that we could explore London by ourselves. First, a group of us went to Spitalfields market. I bought a pearl ring from one of the vendors. We arrived at the market a little early, so people were still setting up. Still, I really enjoyed the shops.

Then, one of my classmates and I went back to King’s Cross station to snap a photo of ourselves at Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter. The employee working there and my classmate decided that I was a Ravenclaw. I also took a picture of me being a muggle and being sprawled across the wall, which was fun. Then we ate lunch at a restaurant similar to Chipotle at the station. My classmate ordered a frozen margarita, that happened to be very strong, for 9 pounds.

We took the tube to Harrods and met up with our other classmates. If you are unfamiliar, Harrods is an enormous department store. I felt like I was going to break the merchandise just by looking at it. I ended up buying tea just to say that I bought something from Harrods. I bought so much tea on this trip. My classmates loved the Disney section, and there was also a really cool toy department. We didn’t even bother looking at the clothes or the prices of a purse. Everything seemed to be slightly expensive.

We then went back to Covent Garden, and I wandered around for a while to find Neal’s Yard, which is pictured in this post. Google Maps was not my friend during this trip. I kept walking in the wrong direction. Anyway, Neal’s yard was very picturesque and fun to walk through. We stopped at Caffe Nero before exploring Apple Market again. I bought a watercolor picture of a rainy London scene as well as tin concert posters for my dad.

I went back to the King’s Cross area with a classmate so that he could get a tattoo. When in London.

We explored Shoreditch again and ate dinner at a burger place called Byron’s. We saw Boxpark and some cool street art. On our way back to the hotel, we decided to stop in a place called Bounce. We walked downstairs and found that it was a bar that had a room full of ping pong tables! I had never seen something like that in the United States. This was one of our favorite nighttime hangouts. I wish I would’ve snapped a picture of the place. It was so neat.

You know that it was a successful day when you walked over 26,000 steps!


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