London: Days 1 and 2


Day One

On the first day of spring break, my group of 12 departed from the United States and flew over the Atlantic to Heathrow Airport.

I had flown before, but this was my first international flight and my first connecting flight. I spent so much time deciding what to pack–I even made a piece of paper with a bunch of sticky notes that helped me organize what I wore each day. And yet, I still overpacked (but it could have been worse).

The flight went well overall. I watched the latest Divergent movie on the plane. Trying to sleep was unsuccessful. I ended up staying awake for over 30 hours! We landed before 9 a.m. local time, which felt like 4 a.m. to me.

Day 2

We took a bus from the airport to our hotel in Shoreditch. I remember seeing along the road multiple-story showrooms for cars like Porsche and Audi. This was really interesting because our tour guide said that you can’t really drive over 25 mph in London because of the congestion problems, and you could pay about 9 dollars per gallon of gas!

After arriving at the hotel, we took the tube for the first time to King’s Cross/St. Pancras. I had only ridden a subway once in my life, but I thought that taking the tube was really fun! I enjoyed looking at the underground maps and figuring out which routes we needed to take to get to our destination. I also liked how you would have to stand on the right side of the escalator so that people could walk up or down on the left. I think that is something that should be brought to American malls and other places where escalators are used.

From there, my group explored Covent Garden and Apple Market. I loved finding the markets like Apple, Spitalfields, and Borough markets. Somehow I got separated from my group and wandered into the gift shop of the London Transport Museum. I found my group and we traveled back to the Shoreditch/Spitalfields area, and I got to taste my first fish and chips dinner from Poppie’s! When I was younger, I did not like fish, but I now have a taste for it. I had two fish and chips dinners while in London, and both were very good!


Stay tuned for the next blog post about London!


*Photos are my own. Please do not copy without my permission.


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