Xi Love and All Mine


Yep, I’m a sorority girl. If someone were to have told me five years ago that I would be in a sorority, I probably would not have believed them.

At my school, formal sorority recruitment is in the fall. I wasn’t that interested in Greek life when I arrived as a freshman, so I joined a bunch of other clubs like the literary magazine, professional organizations and the like. But as my freshman year progressed, I felt as though something was…missing. I decided to go through spring recruitment just to see what it was all about, and I received a bid from Alpha Xi Delta sorority.

When I first joined, I really did not know what I was getting myself into. I knew that there were philanthropy events, socials and chapter meetings, but I did not realize how much work was put into the sorority.

I also did not realize that I would be meeting some of my best friends.

Yes, I knew that I would meet a lot of people. I was told that I’d meet my future bridesmaids through my sorority. But in my first year being Greek, I didn’t necessarily think that was true.

Alpha Xi Delta’s slogan is to “realize your potential.” When I first came to college, I was very quiet. I really think that being involved in my sorority helped me grow as a person, in addition to experiencing colleges, classes, and living somewhat on my own.

I was elected to the executive board during my sophomore year. I have enjoyed being in leadership positions in general because I like organizing and planning. I wanted to be able to give back to my sorority in this way, as I sometimes was not always available to help out in other ways like decorating for events because I had night class.

This year was when my sisters definitely helped me “realize my potential.” I wasn’t going to apply for another position on exec because last year I felt overwhelmed with my heavy course load, and I did not want that to happen again. I thought that I wanted to stay involved in my sorority in other ways. However, my sisters elected for me to be the Financial Vice President on the exec board. I was a little hesitant, but I accepted.

I’m so glad that my sisters saw the potential in me.

I have found that I LOVE my position. I love balancing checkbooks, organizing the finances, using Excel to keep track of the budget…and I have grown closer to my sisters through this position. Last year, since I was so involved in my exec position, I felt like I did not bond with my sisters as much as I would have liked. This year, however, is different.

This past weekend, the exec board attended an area-wide training event with other chapters of Alpha Xi Delta. Area-wide training has been one of my favorite Alpha Xi Delta events. A group of four of us will carpool for an hour and jam out to Nicki Minaj and Florida Georgia Line. Then we’d get to learn more about our positions and about other chapters. I even led one of the breakout sessions for my previous exec position (which was the Recording Secretary).

I guess what I have learned through Alpha Xi Delta is that things take time. Building relationships takes time. And that sooner or later, you will meet some people who just get you. And sometimes, others will realize your potential before you do.

So, joining a sorority was nothing like I expected, the good and the bad.But I really do think that my college experience would not have been this great if I wouldn’t have joined Alpha Xi Delta.

If you’re going to college soon or are in college, I suggest that you go through recruitment and find more information about Greek life. It’s not like what’s in the movies or the media–it’s even better. But maybe I’ll touch on that subject later.

In Xi,






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