I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!

I am not actually “lovesick” like the title of this post might lead you to believe; I just started to get a cold on Valentine’s Day.

But looking at social media yesterday, many people seemed to be lovesick. For me, Valentine’s Day has always been a fun day where my parents give me a lot of candy. It’s definitely a lot better than Sweetest Day. I don’t even know why Sweetest Day needs to exist. Everyone knows it’s just a Hallmark holiday that exists so that businesses make money.

It’s like Valentines Day isn’t even about love anymore. All it entails nowadays is posting a picture of your significant other on Instagram or making a joke about how your valentine is a chicken nugget because you’re not in a relationship. It also seems like Valentine’s Day is focused on the girl–like buying the girlfriend presents and doting on her more.

Why can’t Valentine’s Day be focused on the love and not the show? For my Valentine’s Day, my sorority “niece” made me delicious Oreo cheesecake. My best-guy-friend took me out to dinner at a cute Italian restaurant. I’m a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t surprise my roommates with some sort of dessert, but I did have an enjoyable Valentine’s Day. Last year’s Valentine’s Day was also interesting–I learned to ice skate and tried sushi for the first time. What’s ironic is that the “Sweetheart” roll we ordered was disgusting and gave my ex-boyfriend food poisoning.

Valentine’s Day is actually the feast day for Saint Valentine. His life and story is somewhat of a mystery. Here is some interesting information about St. Valentine from Catholic Online:

Other depictions of St. Valentine’s arrests tell that he secretly married couples so husbands wouldn’t have to go to war. Another variation of the legend of St. Valentine says he refused to sacrifice to pagan gods, was imprisoned and while imprisoned he healed the jailer’s blind daughter. On the day of his execution, he left the girl a note signed, “Your Valentine.”


The romantic nature of Valentine’s Day may have derived during the Middle Ages, when it was believed that birds paired couples in mid-February. According to English 18th-century antiquarians Alban Butler and Francis Douce, Valentine’s Day was most likely created to overpower the pagan holiday, Lupercalia.


Although the exact origin of the holiday is not widely agreed upon, it is widely recognized as a day for love, devotion and romance.


Whoever he was, Valentine did really exist, because archaeologists have unearthed a Roman catacomb and an ancient church dedicated to St. Valentine. In 496 AD Pope Gelasius marked February 14th as a celebration in honor of his martyrdom.


I never knew that there was so much history with Valentine’s Day! I guess the purpose of this blog was to start thinking about the culture around Valentine’s Day. I think that we should worry less about Valentine’s Day gifts and the like and focus on more of what it actually means (which is cheesy, but hey, it is Valentine’s Day after all).



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